WR bodies without WR lenses

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I have to conclude here, being the person who initiated this thread, that I had not enough time to elaborate and choose words carefully throughout my posts, but --in all fairness-- I had --erroneously, as it may proved to be--- assumed my posts, clumsy as they had been in the usage of English, would nevertheless convey my meaning all the same. After all it is a discussion forum, not a journal. However, to the extend any misunderstandings and escalating commentary were encouraged from my part, I apologise.

I've been using Pentax DSLRs since 2005 and Four-thirds DSLRs (Olympus, Leica, Panasonic) as well since 2009. My long relationship with Canon EOS SLR and --to a much lesser extend-- Nikon SLR systems somewhat ended with the film era. I simply haven't had time to allocate enough time to forum discussion participation.

Thanks to all contributors to this thread; we'll probably talk --more civilised-- soon.

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