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MartynD2oo wrote:

I was guessing at around €80 for full rights, is that about right?

Hi Martyn

How much you charge for the use of your image is totally up to you; however, the 3 main things which you should clearly state when you quote a fee are: the Media use , the Period of use & the Territory of use - to which the fee relates too.

As the client is simply paying you a Licence fee for the use of your image.

So the theory is: the more 'they' want to use it, the more you should charge - by using the above 3 things to help you negotiate the fee.

Little use = Little value.
Greater use = Greater value
... to them.

So that's what you go by, to help you determine what the Licence fee should be, for the use of your image/s.

P.s. Great image by the way - and I'm quite sure they will 'want to use' that image a lot - for years to come, in various media, not only in their own country but internationally as well. - buy it and read it - especially chapter 5.


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