It's time to have 'Flat View' as default on this forum

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aman74 wrote:

There's a reason just about every other forum out there uses the same standard.

And that reason is probably a mix of ignorance and convenience for the developers. The flat view is simpler to code. Early Usenet readers where flat view (like rn). Later viewers were threaded (like trn).

Threaded readers encourage, by their nature, more individual replies which may or may not be an advantage. They may possibly make flame wars easier; on the other hand, they may also make them easier to ignore, especially if the reader allows you to prune the discussion tree by allowing you to ignore entire sub-threads.

Having a choice between flat and threaded as on DPR can be a bit problematic, especially when implemented as it currently is, because we get posts that are inadvertently tagged onto an arbitrary thread by a flat mode user who thinks she is simply adding her post to the bottom of the view she is seeing. It is important to remember that this is a really a failure of the user interface and not the user who can't really be blamed for her assumption.

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