insane price of pana/olympus lenses

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Re: insane price of pana/olympus lenses

zxaar wrote:

  1. oly 12mm F2 is faster lens and canon 10-24 is slower lens. But one is prime and one is zoom. If you are shooting wide then mainly shooting landscapes etc, here i think 10-24 is much more useful than 12mm at F2. This lens shall be very expensive if you have oly equivalent.

Not really. The 10-22 is a 15-33. The Panasonic 7-14 is 14-28; just as wide, if that's what you're going for. It's about $50 more expensive than the same price as the Canon; not much more expensive at all.

  1. 45mm oly and 35 mm canon are about equal i guess.

  2. panasonic 20mm and canon 85mm are apples and oranges as they get.

You're comparing wrong. The 20mm is equivalent to the 35mm; 40mm versus about 52mm at 35mm equivalence: both normal focal distances. The 45mm and the 85mm are both portrait primes. The 85mm gives a much greater effective focal length, (about 128mm versus the Olympus' 90mm), but they're absolutely comparable for portrait work. I personally prefer a short telephoto for portraits (85mm for 35mm equivalence is ideal for me, 90mm is right about there), so Olympus's shorter focal length is an advantage as far as I'm concerned (and we're talking about my kit, so my concern is the only one that matters to me :)). There's no Canon that can give me something similar (the only Nikon, actually, is the 60mm macro lens at a much smaller aperture).

In summery what you are getting with canon is much more than what you would get for 65$. If you added 10-24 eqvi lens from oly , oly would be much expensive kit.

Subbing the Panasonic 7-14mm for the Olympus 12mm would make the Micro Four Thirds kit $25 more than the Canon kit at current prices. A bit more expensive than the Canon kit, but fairly insignificant difference. My point still stands - Micro Four Thirds isn't necessarily bad comparable value.

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