flash - does it matter which one?

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Re: flash - does it matter which one?

Berghof wrote:


I may be shooting a wedding soon and honestly I do not have much experience with flash photography.

Are you the main photographer? A wedding isn't the time to try out flash techniques that you're just learning.

I'm studying the different techniques of flash photography and soon I'll have to make the decission whether to get Nikon or if I get let's say Metz or Sunpack flash unit will the non Nikon flash do all the TTL and other tricks just like the Nikon flash?Which one do you recommend?My budget is about 300$ but if another 100$ should make a real difference on performance then I'll spend 400$.I don't know why but for some reason I feel the Metz may be a better choice.What do you think?Thank you.
Berghof G.C.

If you have thick skin, ask over on the Pro forum. Personally I'd prefer an OEM flash. I tried an off-brand with my Canon years ago and was disappointed when it didn't work with upgraded bodies. I've since used only Canon flash. I have a Canon flash purchased 10 years ago that works with a body I got only 2 years ago. 100% compatability is well worth a few extra bucks.


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