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That image is worth much more than €80 even for very limited usage, and, as others mentioned, full rights would be worth magnitudes more. There is no reason that I can think of for selling all rights (including your copyright, which would prevent you from even showing the image in your portfolio).

For use on a web site, I would start at a €150 - €200, for a period of maybe 10 years. For web and print usage, it should command more, perhaps double. For broad, perpetual rights (but no third party rights) so that the client could use the image in a relatively unlimited fashion, then perhaps €600 - €800.

This is not an image that your client can simply get at a stock photo vendor for a few euros; it's very specific to his/her business, and it would probably cost considerably more were he to commission a shoot to get similar results.

I hope this helps.


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