Sony Image Data Converter - how good is it?

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Re: What's to like?

Michael Berg wrote:

camperbc wrote:

I use IDC for all of my work, and love it. I have tried all the rest, but I much prefer IDC.

What is it about IDC that you like? Is it the ease of use or do you find that the image quality it makes it worthwhile shooting in RAW? If you have some examples that would be great

Hi Mike,

Well, I love the fact that it is very simple and straight forward to work with, (and let's not forget free!) and for me at least, gives perfect reproduction of colour, WB, etc. I normally use it for adjusting initial brightness, contrast, and often the R-Range Optimizer, prior to converting to tiff, and then I finish any pp'ing in PSP.

I never post partially finished photographs, so any examples will have to be of the finished product, and for these see my website.

IDC was considered substandard right from the start, (for good reason!) but Version 3 has been a dream, and is exactly what I want it to be. It definitely does not deserve some of the hard knocks it regularly gets around here from the die-hard LR crowd. Give it a try, and if you like it, (and you will) you're all set!


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