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Re: MS has a problem

TrapperJohn wrote:

I've done Win development since the early 90's and Win3 days, and this is the first time I've seen anything that can really hurt MS.

It's not so much mobile computing, but the lightweight OS's developed for mobile, that pose the real threat. They had to be ultra efficient to run on the confines of a telephone. The side benefit is that they can run on minimal hardware, especially Android, which is being ported to all sorts of platforms. MS, meanwhile, has bloated it's OS's and dev systems over the years because they had no direct competition. Just comparing Android to .NET - Android apps are fanatical about conserving resources, .NET encourages the developer to waste them in the name of convenience. Can't change that without invalidating every .NET app out there, so MS has to go in a different direction.

The biggest threat to MS is... MS itself. They've thrived by providing backwards compatibility on dirt cheap hardware, with plenty of apps and a user base to back them up. This time, the situation is completely opposite. There are already two established players in mobile, with huge user bases, plenty of apps, and an ultra efficient distribution system. Due to bloat, MS mobile doesn't run on the cheapest hardware, it needs the most expensive. There is no 'windows monopoly' to rely on, they're the outsider who has to prove their worth.

Hmm, lets say Windows-7 was the most successful operating system ever ( in sales ).
The question is

1. Backwards compatibility - they have to give up the Win32 interface slowly, no doubt, and they should be more resource saviing.

2. But why can't they just stay where they are, the market leader in PC operating systems, the market is big enough. Now they annoy their customers with a "touch interface" - desktop users dont want to touch their screen. MS does this to get new markets MS had lost, but while doing this MS hurts their traditional market

In addition, MS has lost its boss, the one person who could make anything happen at that company. Gates was replaced by a committee, headed up by a 'keep the ship afloat and keep the monopoly moving' Ballmer. That type of management can't deal with rapid market changes, and has trouble envisioning a different future and making it happen.

Some diehard MS developers insist that people want Windows on mobile, they will like it, but most people I know tolerate Windows after years of security issues and cranky behavior. Users will abandon Win in a heartbeat if a viable alternative exists. If two viable alternatives exist...

Already, MS has lost the home market, and if Apple ever wakes up and adds a hand controller to the latest iOS driven AppleTV unit, they'll knock the game consoles out too - compare the price of iOS games to game console games.

That leaves the corporate market. It's only a matter of time before dirt cheap Android workstations start appearing and eroding that steady base.

Hmm, i think if MS makes to many mistakes then people will install ubuntu:



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