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A good wrap up. Two of the following items I have had issues with too:

ericbowles wrote:

A second AF problem is with AF-A. In theory it sounds fine - AF-C for a moving subject and AF-S for a stationary subject. But if the stationary subject moves and you need to take a shot, the camera has refused to focus and fire on a consistent basis even if AF-C is set for Release priority. So I use AF-C as I did with the D300.

Yes, even if the subject doesn't move, but part of it does (clothing in the wind) the camera won't lock on. I'll be avoiding AF-A. Luckily I was aware that it might be an issue and tested it purposely on the weekend, to confirm my concerns.

The shooting mode dial does not have a push button release. On 5 occasions over the past month the dial has unintentionally moved to S or M mode instead of A priority. This has caused missed images even though I know about the problem.

Thanks for the heads-up, will be mindful of that in future.

I like having two card slots. But coming from a D300, I needed to buy more memory. Similarly the cable release is also different from the D300 requiring another purchase.

I'm a little surprised that a 'weather sealed body' with all the other bells and whistles doesn't have a built in hot sync connection like the D300. A little disappointed with that actually. So it's off to buy an adapter for it now.

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