Sony..if you read burned the first gen buyers.

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Re: Sony..if you read burned the first gen buyers.

I agree with you they should have made it work for older models . In this case they will loose money, because there is no way to attach them. They are also expensive $400.00. That is the price I paid for the Nex 3. But I wanted a camera that was cheap,so I could use all my older lenses.without spending a fortune.

Everything was fine with the system except in very bright light it was hard to see the screen. So to fix the problem I got a cold shoe that fits the nex and use a Telesar Zoom Optical finder That zooms from 28 mm to 135mm . When using it on mf lenses in bright sunlight I use f 11 and the hyperfocal distance of the lens I am using, so for example on a 20mm lens (30mm on the Nex) everything from 3 feet to infinity would be in focus . So I don't have to bother focusing the lens. It works out great and the optical finder is as clear as a bell.

Just like the flash that comes off because you don't use it very often because of the good quality of high Iso pictures. The cold shoe and Telsar zoom comes off because you don't use it very often. This I feel is the best fix you can do under the circumstances.

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