Sony Image Data Converter - how good is it?

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The 580 must be different

Michael Berg wrote:

imarollingstone wrote:

I shoot RAW + JPEG to have the best of both worlds. If the output is fine, I don't have to do any processing at all. If I need to adjust things, I use lightroom 90-95% of the time.

But it's not the best of both worlds. If you shoot RAW+JPEG you no longer have the option to use DRO, HDR or MFNR in the camera. The options are disabled and you have to optimize the dynamic range by hand in post processing, from the RAW files.

The ideal solution would be if Sony allowed these options to work in the RAW+JPEG mode, except that the effects were not applied to RAW. Difficult to understand why this isn't possible.

I use both an A700 and A55 and DRO is available in both with RAW +JPEG. It does appear that the DRO does get applied to RAW, but in order to see the effects, you need to use Image Data Converter. Other processing programs don't take advantage of this.

I would agree with you on HDR and MFNR though.

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