Clear or UV or Skylight Filter?

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  • Machined brass rings with knurled grips coated black including sealed inside

As a person who dropped a lens I can say that for the purpose of lens protection a brass ring might not be actually a good thing.

If you drop a lens protected by aluminium filter, it can absorb the shock, deformate and protect the filter thread. It is likely that you lost the filter, but save the lens thread.

Brass ring is just passes the shock to the filter thread.

I know Hoya wrote some advertising to that effect, but I'm not sure it's true. They use the cheaper aluminum. I've heard it the other way around as well where the softer, less brittle brass better absorbed the blow.

But to me it's mute point. If you drop a lens from a distance enough to really bust the filter ring, chances are you've loosened an internal element or group. Chances are a gear is out of line or some cement is cracked as well. A quarter inch of filter ring is just not going to absorb a blow from waist level to a tile floor well enough to save a strong possibility of internal damage.

If I were to drop a lens on cement or a hard surface, that lens would go back to Nikon or whoever to be calibrated and tested for damage before being used for serious work. I don't care if I had an aluminum ring, brass ring or nothing on it. I don't want to get back into the myth of protection again, but there it is. Little bittie rings don't absorb much of anything to protect big heavy lenses.

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