Sony Image Data Converter - how good is it?

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Re: Sony Image Data Converter - how good is it?

Michael Berg wrote:

... I was wondering if anyone had some experience with Sony's own Image Data Converter. As I understand it, it will reproduce the DRO effect correctly, right?

It will closely (enough for most people) approximate the in-camera process, but not duplicate it exactly.

And it will not perform the same crude noise reduction as the in-camera engine does, hopefully?

Noise reduction in IDC is controllable.

I'm guessing it won't be able to do HDR and MFNR by itself.


For HDR there are some nice options available already (PhotoMatix etc), but what about MFNR? Is there something available to do RAW multiframe noise reduction using the raw files that come out of an A580?

Maybe. Others here might know.

What is the general consensus on the quality of Sony IDC's RAW conversions...

Some people love what it does, others hate it. The program is pretty slow, but I find it adequate for occasional use. You should just try it for yourself - it won't cost you anything.

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