Rode Stereo VideoMic and 7D

Started Jan 23, 2011 | Discussions thread
Doug Searles Regular Member • Posts: 186
Re: Rode Stereo VideoMic and 7D

When the 7D came out I included a Rode Stereo VideoMic in the order from B&H. I had no difficulty mounting the mic. The connector did give way, which Rode replace for free. I have had no difficulty mounting the mic. The first couple times I have had the pop-up flash not functioning after using the mic because the camera thought the mic was still attached. A slight sproing on the spring in the camera mounting slots for the flash, set everything right. I have had no problems since.

I got the shorter stereo squat mic, with which I am most happy, however some prefer the longer one for isolation of the speaker verses the surrounding sounds. I use mine for recording people singing, rather than speaking and I want the global effect rather than an isolated speaker. Either choice will probably make you happy. Best.

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