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PerfectPoms wrote:

Hi Taotoo.

Yes, the dynamic autofocus setting should help the focus sensor follow a moving dog as it bounces around in the viewfinder.

Yes I think this is helping a little on the D3100 - on my D40x having only three focus points, dynamic autofocus didn't seem to do much.

Most people who have never tried to photograph moving dogs don't have much respect for how difficult a task it is....

...Those critics just did not understand the difficulty of following a SMALL randomly moving fast subject.

Yes - and I agree that the important word here is SMALL. Trying to get a toy dog in focus running full speed head on, especially if you want it big in the frame (so are waiting until it's 6 or 10 feet away from you) results in a very small depth of field. Very different thing to focusing on a labrador jogging 20 feet away.

Well, despite being roundly trashed here in these forums, I didn't give up and I've taken somewhere near 3 million photos (almost all of my dogs) in the last 9 years.

Wow - that's a lot of photos!

I found big improvements in focus tracking speeds moving up to the D2, D3 cameras, and the lens makes a big difference too.

I'm sure it does - but that's out of my league size and weight -wise, and probably cost-wise too.

Here is an example of my better success with focus tracking:

Your examples are EXACTLY the sort of thing I attempt with my dogs. Except my sharp area is always 6 or 12 inches along their backs. Lovely dog by the way! Having a bit of success with trap focus though now...

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