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Re: I have not been back to have a look

zxaar wrote:

You have a ridiculous notion that a camera company should listen to you . There are hundreds of people like you, if a company started to act on what people who call in ask them to do they will not accomplish anything but wasting lot of effort making 10 guys happy. If it makes you feel better I do not think even the company employees have much say in how the products are made and sold (this company could be from any nation , may it be America or Germany).

Ridiculous or simply fairly basic common sense?

I was making a specific remark concerning the CX series (which is where I had some contact with Ricoh) I made some very detailed and obvious points to them (such as NR control on Jpegs, compressed video and many other areas)

They thanked me for my feedback and then released at least 2 models so far without addressing a single major point made.

You work on the basis that points made by one person are invalid or not worthy of attention. I feel if a good point is made it's in the interests of users to see that carried through and the company itself if that point makes sense and is valid

This isn't specific to Ricoh but all makers there is good and bad out there.

I'm of the view many forum users are enthusiasts who do indeed have a better idea of what the market needs than the company might. You work from a flawed position to assume anyone working for a camera maker is expert and never makes mistakes. Far from it from what I can see.

Ricoh make some nice stuff..some interesting models has to be said, sometimes I wonder if they know the potential they have though. GR-D is a series that's increased in cost quite a bit over the years and IMO it's not progressed enough v what other rivals have been up to. A lot has changed and it's a fast moving game. I hope Ricoh can do well as I like to see a company that can make slightly off the beaten track products.

I'd love to see 10 people happy because you could add a whole lot more if you had the whole picture to see.

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