NEX-7 Expect it to perform pretty well by current measures

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Glen K Wells
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NEX-7 Expect it to perform pretty well by current measures

I expect a few will easily pooh pooh what I have done but being bored of waiting for RAW pics from the NEX-7 I did a bit of preliminary comparison work.

Not for serious pixel peepers I might add.

I have taken RAW from A77, Canon 7D Nex5 and Canon 5DII.

I am not reproducing the images here as I am sure it will fall foul of Imaging Resources copyright.

I appreciate that the A77 is pre-production but my own FWIW opinion is that the majority of tinkering will be to the jpg processing maybe a little to the RAW image.

I am comparing RAW images all converted in both the latest edition of Raw therapy and also using Picassa.

I did find that Raw therapee did 'ok' but not as well as Picassa. All RAW were treated exactly the same no noise reduction applied in Raw therapee.

Now I did not compare them at 100% as this would be about like looking at a 6 foot print from two feet away. For approximation I looked at the 5DII at 66% max image the same for the A77 and Canon 7D, with a little higher for the Nex-5. I viewed from approx 3 feet away. I mostly print a max size of A2 but have done a couple at A1 from my 5DII and guestimate these sizes on my screen and viewing distance to be about right I will not bore with pixels per inch and viewing distance print size etc.

Anyway I was pleasantly surprised by the findings and if the NEX-7 does end up to be a little better than what I see now then all the better for it.

I have ordered one on the strength on what I already perceive to be good image handling.

The A77 from RAW to jpg to my eyes was on a par with the Canon 7D and Nex-5 at 1600, 3200 for noise. It was a little behind by 6400 but I never really go there and if I do it would not be for such a large print and certainly not in colour.

Contrast was a bit different which is to be expected when comparing here due to immature RAW processing software.

The winner by about 1+ stop was the 5DII no suprises but hey its full frame with much bigger photo site receptors - 21Mpixels on a sensor 36X24mm (864) as apposed to 24Mpixels on 23.5X16.5mm (366).

My original concerns that 24Megapixels on APSC have not been born out. I was expecting it to lag behind the other cameras respectively by a more appreciable margin.

I look forward to the finished article re A77 and some final firmware RAW from NEX-7 to do a better comparison in October but I just could not wait for now.

Has anyone else been sad enough to compare any RAW file conversions yet?
I think I saw some up against a K5.


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