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Christopher D Mann wrote:

Your right, I never thought about it that way but I do belive in getting everything right in camera as much as I possibly can. I will admit that I am alittle weak in the processing end of it. I have been using canons DPP but I did pick up elements 8 awhile ago and have been trying to teach my self about it. Any good suggestions about that program or any others that help expand my processing skills. Thanks.

First, I recommend reading up a bit on filters, and filter tests, particularly the lenstip tests, which are linked at the bottom within here:
Recommended filters would be for example B+W MRC

Then, as mentioned, stepping rings interfere with lens hoods. Lens hoods should be always used, unless they interfere with flash (happens when you use a built-in flash, but that's not the case for you).

Blue cast with flashlight - that's really something that you should try to correct with the white balance in the camera, or in postprocessing. Most UV filters are not strong enough to filter any blue light. In fact, the transmission curve of the B+W is so far in the UV, that it's not even in the visible light, and will not add anything to the existing UV limitations that are inherent in your Lenses and the filters in the camera.

So, the only thing that you could go for are Skylight filter 1A or similar filters, like it was used in the film days. But as I said, these types of color corrections are done now with simply adjusting the white balance in the camera. I'd recommend you start with that, try different presets, or make a custom WB according to your needs.

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