I've got this crazy idea...help please!

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I've got this crazy idea...help please!


I'm currently a Canon shooter, and I've never had any leica. I own a 5DII, 16-35LII, 35L, 50f1.4 Sigma, 24-105L, 70-200f4L, a metz flash and a 550D. Plus I use a C/Y distagon 28 and sonnar 135 with adaptor. I also have a contax G2 with 3 lenses.

Well, as I still enjoy shooting film (especially slides, I always use a Fuji 645zi), I was thinking of selling the 5DII plus all the lenses (except for the 35 and the tele zoom), buy a good standard zoom for the 550D (for digital), sell the G2, and boy an M6 with 3 lenses (possibly a 28, a 50 and a 90). On second hand market, if I look carefully, I shouldn't add too many money.

DO you think this idea is sane? To help you giving an answer, I'll give some hints:

-1 I've never shot with a rangefinder Leica.

-2 I'm used to RF cameras and I'm fine with that (The Fuji 645zi and the G2 don't give me any problem, but they're AF of course...).

3- I have a couple of old MF rangefinders and they're quite OK (but I guess the RF of a M6 should be vastly superior).

4- I love slides (you get what you shoot! no fiddling with a computer) and I laso have the equipment to print and develop b/w. I don't care if shooting film is more expensive.

5-I don't need specialized lenses (i.e. I don't shoot macro or sport or wildlife and for that I could use the canon).

6- I love the 5DII (great results, sharp and clean to high ISO) but carrying around body+lenses+film body is a pain. Too Big and heavy.

7- No digital! I've nothing against digital and I'd like to buy an M9, but it's totally out of budget (not to mention the more recent lenses!). Even selling all my equipment I could barely afford a nex M9 body.


Thank you!

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