The Emperor's New Clothes aka the E Mount Zeiss 24mm

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Michael Kaufman
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Re: Actually you have just made yourself look silly...

mynakedsoda wrote:

I pointed out the specific photos (if you were paying attention) that I felt had harsh bokeh.

Really? I just went to your first post and saw:

mynakedsoda wrote:

For those of you not familiar with this cautionary tale... 's_New_Clothes

Never before have I seen it as evident in a camera forum as I do now with the current Zeiss 24mm talk.

It seems the more a lens costs the more people will mindlessly defend any possible flaw it might have. It amazes me even after seeing it in the past with the obvious flaws of the Nikon D70 and D200 bodies. Keep in mind I still use a D200 and love it but the flaws of it are quite obvious even without the in your face bad bokeh samples I keep seeing from the new E mount Zeiss.

Maybe bad is just too hard a word for some of you to stomach? How about harsh with a busy background at wide aperture settings? Is that better?

Honestly if you love the lens and other qualities of it hold a greater priority for you then get it, use it, love it, and live a happy life. Don't expect everyone to fawn over your images when you put a subject in focus and a busy background near it out of focus.

Your clothes are magnificent after all. Only the best of course.

You might think there are links to specific photos, but there really aren't. In fact, in 15 posts in this thread you only mention one photo:

But in any case, you are missing my point. Dissing a 24mm lens (especially a prerelease model) for issues with bokeh is silly. Tell me you don't think its sharp, tell me you feel it has a lot of CA, those are the kind of things we can discuss. But people don't buy a 24mm lens for its creamy bokeh. There are just not enough situations where you are going to be able to get the background to be OOF enough to really matter. In the photo above, if you are expecting a really blurry background, you are probably using the wrong lens.

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