The Emperor's New Clothes aka the E Mount Zeiss 24mm

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Actually you have just made yourself look silly...

Michael Kaufman wrote:

mynakedsoda wrote:

I like it when people are direct in what they have to say.

I like it when people are direct too, but as John von Neumann said, "there's no point in being precise if you don't know what you are talking about."

Which is why I'm guessing you haven't come to the point directly.

If you have a point then make it.

There's a certain class of posters on the internet. They have very strong opinions. They are happy to come to conclusions with the most preliminary information, and anyone who doesn't agree with them is a fool. And generally speaking, they don't seem to know as much about the topic they are posting on as they would like to believe. You apear to fit that mold very well.

Leaving aside the merits of coming to a conclusion on a lens based on a handful of pictures from a prerelease version of it and a prerelease version of the camera it is being used on, the fact that your biggest criticism of the photos is the bokeh means you are not as much of an expert as you seem to think you are. Anyone looking for great bokeh on a 24mm lens is going to be disappointed.

More than one thread so far actually.

There are lots of things you could say about this shot if you wanted to, but dismissing the lens because you think the bokeh is not good enough just makes you look silly. To me.

I pointed out the specific photos (if you were paying attention) that I felt had harsh bokeh. That is not one of them. Thanks for posting an image that shows nothing about the bokeh of the lens though. An easy shot with a simple background that even a cheap lens could easily handle. You have now proven beyond a doubt how little you know.

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The worst vice is advice. - John Milton from The Devil's Advocate

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