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Re: 12Mp is NOT the Issue

AdamT wrote:

the issue is the 2011 Curse of CMOS and all the greasy NR it needs at low ISOs to keep things clean. OK in a pocket travelzoom P&S like the SX220 but not in a serious camera like the S100

I ditched the SX230 after 1.5 weeks because I couldn't even accept it in a travel zoom. The pics were ok, but at low IS my ZS7 was better. I might try to the SX230 again if it drops to $200 on clearance.

Now, I don't find these samples to be that bad, but I'm not willing to trade down in any case. I'll wait for the official reviews though.

The high ISOs will be better no doubt but the trade-off at ISO80 IMO is unacceptable if these samples are anything to go by . I'd rather give up the HD video than the low ISO quality

Ditto. I was anxious to move to Full HD, but not at the cost of still IQ. I shoot a lot more stills than I do video.

PaulRivers wrote:

To be fair...every time there's something new, someone is claiming it's terrible, horrible, awful, etc etc.


The big expensive dslr's all use CMOS sensors. Canon apparently didn't even use the backlit cmos, they used regular cmos with some other, different tweaks. Even if I bought into the "backlit cmos destroys image quality!" thing it' totally possible they did something different that will simply work better.

The issues with CMOS seem to be more prominent at the smaller sizes. I don't know the technical reasons for that though. As for backlit CMOS, that's 95% gimmick and 5% performance improvement. One of the professional photography sites had a white paper regarding the comparison, but I lost the link long ago.

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