Thinking of a change. Oly, Nikon or Canon

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Re: The last of the DSLRs ...

I contemplated this situation recently and decided to go for the E5 (currently use E620). I looked at the D7000, 60D and 7D. The main advantage to switching would be better high ISO performance. As far as I could tell, the Canon's give about a 1 stop advantage and the Nikon 1.5 stops (give or take).

At the same time, to really benefit from that I would have to invest in expensive glass. I already have a 9-18, 14-54 and 50-200 and I love both of them. To get similar performance from Nikon or Canon would cost a lot. I could get slower lenses but then you lose the ISO advantage, so what's the point. I also have a Metz48 flash I paid $200 for used and it works great, so I would need to replace that as well.

Video wasn't a big concern nor was megapixel count. 12 MP is plenty for my use, which is mainly newspaper and magazine photos. I also like to take my camera out skiing, hiking and biking so having something burly and weatherproofed like E5 is a benefit. To me, the cost of switching didn't justify the benefits.

Now I'm contemplating selling the 9-18 and 14-54 and picking up a 12-60 instead so i can have a really good two lens kit.

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