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Re: I don't need any sour grapes.

zHuan wrote:

mynakedsoda wrote:

Kiril Karaatanasov wrote:

The samples are very good actualy. Great contrast, superb detail, Colors are great, Detail is good for the photos being shown. Bokeh too is very nice.

I have not seen the harsh bokeh samples..what I saw was very very decent bokeh for wide lens.

Would be nice if samples are linked when strong statements are made. That is of course if there are any bad samples to speak of.

Here is a little read for the authors above

My ultimate test for bokeh is always the same. A flower or similiar detail in focus with a busy background (grass or limbs and such) out of focus. Image 10 in the samples gallery at f2.2 is the most obvious example of what I call bad bokeh. Very harsh. In the previous thread I participated in that had wide aperture samples the bokeh looked the same.
The worst vice is advice. - John Milton from The Devil's Advocate

Why bother argueing about something as subjective as the bokeh when people cannot even agree on something well measurable such as the sharpness.

That is the point. Why argue about it? If I don't like the bokeh then why do people need to get up in arms over my opinion. It amazes me to be honest. Some also don't like it. Some are posting how great the samples are but even they aren't saying much about the bokeh. LOL!
The worst vice is advice. - John Milton from The Devil's Advocate

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