Epson 3800 - New owner with questions

Started Sep 17, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Epson 3800 - New owner with questions

Hi All,

I recently acquired a used Epson 3800 at a steal of a price, and I have several questions I was hoping some experienced 3800 users could answer for me.

1) I have run the nozzle check, and I seem to have one small spot on the magenta band that won't clear up. (see attached image). I'm wondering if this is anything to be concerned about, or if I should just leave it alone?

I've already wasted a fair amount of ink and maintenance cartridge life trying to clear the clog. I did print a 10"x36" panorama the other day, which came out beautifully, and I didn't notice any banding or other issues with this print, and some of the test prints I've done.

2) When doing nozzle checks, I noticed there is an "auto" option which prints a more complete check pattern, and cleans the heads when necessary (See attached image). I also noticed that using this option consumes a considerable amount of ink! Which nozzle check option is better to use? Also, when I used the auto option, it printed a page, started a second, then stopped and displayed a "maintenance error" message. I can't figure out what the problem is. The printer did come with a fair amount of ink remaining, but the cartridges aren't full.

3) Epson specifies a service life of 12,000 prints. even though it will be a while before I hit that number, will the printer stop operating at that point?

4) PK & MK: I will be using PK 99% of the time. I read somewhere that the printer will automatically switch black inks every six months to prevent clogging. Is this correct?

I purchased this printer from the local community college where I studied photography, and also worked as a lab assistant a few years ago. The printer looks brand new! I know from working at the school myself that the printers are very well cared for, and have never had any aftermarket ink run through them!

Any suggestions, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated! I'm not going to be using this printer every day, but will use it anytime I want to print larger than 8.5"x11" or if I want to print black & white.

Thanks much,


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