Best practice for using SSDs with Lightroom?

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Re: Best practice for using SSDs with Lightroom?

I'm using a MacBook Core 2 Duo and upgraded to an SSD for better performance. Programs open a lot faster and the computer is far more responsive, but affordable SSDs are really to small to have anything more than your catalogue and previews on, assuming you have a large collection.

Doing this, it is way faster than with my internal 7200 HDD, but when I tried having the catalogue on a USB 2 data disk to save space, there was a huge performance hit compared to having it on the internal drive (on other setups of course the data drive can be faster), which I was stick with for a while.

My recent solution to that was going from a 128gb SSD to a 256gb one, a change I actually made this week. It has lead to what is definitely my fastest Lightroom experience yet, pauses being mostly due to processing rather than disk latency. If you can afford it, it's definitely something I'd recommend and not only for Lightroom.

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