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Re: About Brazil and safety. Worse than Italy or Spain?

Lets make clear some points:

First: I didn't said that the whole Brasil is safe, the oposite, said that there's a lot of unsafe places, specilly at the tourists points in the big cities. The violence in Rio is famous at Brasil, but there are some safe places.

Second: Here the violence comes specialy from poverty, it isn't a rich country, better sayng: it is a rich country with a LOT of very poor people and a few very rich.

Third: we have a lot of problems to resolve like education, healthy, structure, income distribution (look to the "Movimento dos Sem Terra" or "MST" on the net)

Third: if you want to come to Brasil, come to be received by a local friend who knows where to go and where don't, otherwise, go to the smaller places (like aI said, Brasil is HUGE) take photos. There are a lot of safe places at the Amazon Forest, Ceará (Jericoacoara), Bahia ("Chapada Diamantina", Itacaré, "Morro de São Paulo", Boipeba"), Mato Grosso do Sul ("Bonito"), Goiás ("Chapada dos Veadeiros") etc.

It is a HUGE country, say that Brasil is Rio and Salvador is like saying that USA resumes to New York and Miami.

At the big cities don't show richness, it's sad, but true and if you come alone, pay to a good tourist agency to show you the country the best way, they know very well where to go and where don't...

A country isn't poor because wants it, compare how Portugal colonized Brazil and how the England colonized USA and you will see the differences of formation.

If you know portuguese, a good book to learn it is "Formação Econômica do Brasil" by "Celso Furtado" a fantastic book.

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