My first SLR: Canon XSi or something better?

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Re: My first SLR: Canon XSi or something better?

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You'll be giving up nothing over the new cameras, other than the few items mentioned above. Save your money.

(Not trying to convince anyone of anything, just sharing my experience...) I used to think that way, until I got a 60D for other reasons. The IQ advantage of the newer sensors is significant, and not just for larger prints or higher ISOs. But having said that, I'd still join the chorus - get that 450D while you can OP!

Very interesting. What additional IQ advantages do you find with the newer sensors (which I assume includes the T2i and T3i)?

I don't really know how to describe it technically, but you can see some difference straight out of the camera. I notice it most in editing - there's just more I can do with an 18MP shot (60D vs 450D). For instance, I have images I've cropped from 40% of the width of an 18MP frame that look better than anything I ever got from the full 12MP frame. I've not done any back-to-back comparison with the same lens, so that's all just impressions. AFAIK, the sensors in all the latest 18MP bodies are pretty much the same.

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