best setup for low-light and portrait under $1200...?

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Re: best setup for low-light and portrait under $1200...?

My mistake. Sony SLT cameras might not have optical viewfinders. Just two light paths and a non-moving "mirror".

Five months ago, in another thread,

zackiedawg wrote:

Cedarhill wrote:

I really don't pay much attention to the sales lingo of a particular manufacturer so I didn't know what you were talking about. You mentioned latency, power consumption and dynamic range problems, none of which are problematic for the pellicle mirror cameras. They are, however, problems associated with electronic viewfinders. That is what led me to believe you were referring to EVFs.

Actually, Sony's SLT cameras DO use EVFs. In fact, that's a sticking point for most who don't currently like them for their own use. The pellicle in this case allows AF & sensor view simultaneously, while the mirror stays fixed - but there's no optical view path through the lens - the main sensor does all the work, transmitting the live view feed to either the electronic viewfinder or the LCD …

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