Buy A77VQ or body only and stick with Tammy 17-50?

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Re: Buy A77VQ or body only and stick with Tammy 17-50?

jonikon wrote:

Ralf Bliesener wrote:

jonikon wrote:

mgs315 wrote:

Right, I've decided I'm going to throw some money on an A77 and sell my A33.

My question however...should I get the 16-50 and sell my Tamron 17-50 or should I stick it out with the Tamron? Price difference for me mean it would only cost me £50 if I regretted the situation and changed later, or would I be better off sticking with my Tamron and putting whatever the difference would be towards a lovely Tokina 11-16?

I know it's a lens that hasn't been reviewed yet, so I guess it's kind of a silly question...but what would you do? Or ..recommend a similar lens of course.

Sell the Tamron and get the Sony 16-50 f2.8, because you probably won't able to do fine tuning of auto-focus with the Tamron lens, if needed. Unless Sony has changed their ways, the a77 will only identify their Sony lenses accurately, so AF fine tune is reserved for Sony brand lenses only. I got all kinds of crazy lens identities and focal length ranges when using third party lenses with the a700. This was annoying, but not functionally relevant because the a700 did not have the auto-focus fine tune feature like the a77 does.

Quite overexxagerated description. To OP, just check with what lens ID your Tamron registers with your current Alpha for any indication of an overlap with any of your other lenses. if no overlap, no such problem. My tamron 17-50/2.8 registers as ---- on my a55. none of my other lenses does that. It also is not Sony's fault that third party lenses don't comply to the A mount lens registery format.

Your a55 does not have Fine Tune AF adjust like the a77, and that is what I was referring to. The camera must be able to discern the unique identifier from the chip in the lens in order to apply any auto focus adjustments for that lens. AFAIK, Sony still only identifies Sony lenses,

Wrong in the context of Micro focus adjust, see below.

even though even third party lenses now have unique identifiers built into their chips.

I also own an a900 and so am literate about the fact that up to thirty different lenses are supported no matter from which manufacturer unless their identifiers are identical.

Also, the new tracking AF (similar to Nikon's 3D mode), may not work with the Tamron lens.

Pure speculation instead of advice.

Not really just pure speculation, but based on my experience with Nikon's 3D tracking AF mode which is designed to work with Nikkor "G" type lenses and does not work with all F mount lenses. Maybe Sony's 3D auto focus will work with all Alpha mount lenses, maybe even old Minolta or third party lenses, but there is a chance they will not work with the new AF tracking mode in the a77, so I put that in as a possibility for consideration when making a choice of lens.

No facts from the A Mount in your logic.

You can bet that the Sony 16-50 f2.8 will work perfectly with the a77 auto-focus tracking and fine tuning, so to me it seems like a "no-brainer" to get the Sony version of this lens. Sometimes there is a compelling reason to go for third party lens, but when looking at the price/performance of the Sony 16-50 f2.8, I just don't see any reason to not buy it. Do you?


  • Owning the very good Tamron 2.8/17-50 like the OP or myself.

  • Or comparing its price when in the market.

That's two reasons already.

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