Nex5 vs Rebel T3i (vs impending 5N)

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Re: Nex5 vs Rebel T3i (vs impending 5N)

Let me start off by saying that both are good cameras.. both have their quirks but ppl are generally very happy with both of them.. I'm ignoring the comment about ISOs choosen.. I understand your question and answering to the best I can..

Comparing them as per your post..

I guess the T3i wins at the focussing speed battle for photos.. PDAF vs CDAF..

IQ.. I feel that NEX 5N is better than the T3i.. I have used T3i and generally happy with it.. but I dont think it can pull off pictures like ones in this thread with the kit lens.. NEX wins here.. pls note that I mean the 5N and not 5..

The biggest difference between cameras is ergonomics and size.. basically how they feel in your hand.. i gather you have handled the NEX 5 and canon T3i .. which felt better to you? pick that camera.. if you dont like how it feels.. chances are you will not use it ..

Dont think in terms of how much glass you are getting.. the question is whether you need that .. and btw in the combo 55-250 and 75-300 is a range overlap.. and pls check the reviews of these lenses here..

T3i fit perfectly in my hand and i like the menu of the Canon better to Sony and of course the future expansion options.. but I would chose the NEX coz I can carry it with me very easily and my family is kinda technologically challenged and are scared of 'big' cameras..

panoramas, handheld twilight are some cool features like to use ..

if you are planning to take videos even for a few mins on autofocus pls do yourself a favour and buy the Sony.. I wasnt very impressed by the canon's movie feature

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