Since when is purple blue?

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Re: Try different colour space

jkjond wrote:

Out of the box, my 300 was lousy at reds. I changed the colour space and it does OK now. Can't remember the options, but I'd play with that.

Unlike WB I think colour space has to be set at the point of taking even in raw - though I'm not sure. It can be changed in pp, but I don't think that is the same.

Easiest thing to do is try it, the different gamuts of rgb and srgb affect which colours can be recorded.

I think you meant "rendered" instead of "recorded." RAW data is recorded (by the sensor) independent of color space. It's the image processing of the RAW data that is affected/driven by color space and other color related settings (tone curve, WB, etc.). All that said, I wouldn't doubt that sensors, anti-aliasing filter included, do indeed modify a given color. Nothing's ever going to be 100% accurate -- then comes the question as to how we would reliably measure accuracy, anyway.

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