DC or film Leica M ?

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Re: Hi BRJR,  BobYIL, Archiver, Godfrey & all of you, thank you for all your inputs !


Thanks for sharing your experience and after I did some researches on net and eBay these few days, I decided following like you and many others going for 90mm instead of 75mm. My Rolleiflex is 75mm so if 75 again for Leica, it becomes duplicated of my gears and I think I should try for sometime new for the M6 I bought.

The only thing I may want to add is the 1.25x viewfinder magnifier which 90mm frame lines will become bigger for more easy to compose and focus, it also benefits the 50mm I'm shooting now. I'll just choose a AFT magnifier as it's much cheaper around $90 new on eBay, comparing to Leica counterpart for $300.

Hey Bob,

I just added you in Flickr and your works are all stunning that I always dream for such portfolio ! Are you professional photographer journalist or something ? Going through your works in Flickr makes my photos become meaningless, haha B&W on people is the best as whenever my friends asking for shooting some portraits for them, I always tell them B&W is the best because colors may distract portrait photos but B&W landscapes is a very difficult subject to me. I hardly get a nice shot and even I have one, it is just by luck.

Yes I have been digging on 90 Elmarit F2.8 these few days. The first version Elmarit is kind of big and long to fit in pocket. The thin and fat version of 90 Tele-Elmarit seems prone to haze and fog ( sealed rear elements cleaning service impossible ) as I read through the net. The latest 90 Elmarit seems perfect sharp even wide open but I doubt if it'll be too sharp for portrait, it may be excellent for landscape through but it is much heavier than all previous versions. Right now the 50 Planar weighted 240g and I think it is comfortable to me, don't know how I feel if the lens becomes 400-500g of the latest Elmarit or Summicron.

Other concern is I found some comments about the difficulty to focus 90 at F2.8 because shallow of depth and also the RF may need to calibrate for individual example. So up now my conclusion is quite extreme, I may get the latest heavy Elmarit used or just get a F4 Elmar-C 90mm for lowest price, what do you think ?

Hey Archiver,

Thanks for your sharing your experience of the 35 Nokton 1.4. You know that 1.4 and the price are both very attractive and just like you, I also like shooting in low light situation. I'm not much worrying about SC or MC through. When I have started this hobby, I tended for more contrast and vivid colors and now, I don't really care as long as both are great lens and I will live with them. I also think those difference probably can be seen only by experts in lab and no big difference in real situations.

However, one photo I saw in Steve Huff review of this lens makes me quite worry about the distortion of this lens. In the beginning, I treated distortion as nothing but after I have seen more, distortion may impact much especially on the perception of landscape photos but anyway, I believe the distortion of this lens is nothing considered as serious and yes Biogon seems zero distortion and even better than some of the 35 Summicron.

Both Nokton and Biogon are well supplied in my areas so I'm not in a hurry. I think I'll take more time to study the photos from these 2 lenses and later on, I'll let you and everyone know after I made my decision, thanks again !

Hi Godfrey,

I'm totally agreed with your words and how aesthetics from films and personally, I think the highlights to the shadows from films are smoother than my results from digital even I turn the DR setting to max on my Fuji X100.

I just feel great going out with this M6. Last time I bumped up with some professional wedding photographers and other digital hobby shooters, they just talked about my cameras and saying nice to it. I can see how they appreciate films but due to practical reasons, they may not be able to do same so. My Leica shines and that was the most joyful moment for the devotions I put on films, besides the controls and aesthetics given and the great photos after processed.

Well but film is not perfect through, especially when getting dark and I still have ISO 100 films inside that haven't finished. So at this point, I really wish I have something for my M6 like what Hasselblad made those interchangeable film magazines, good idea to solve such situation.

That day me and my friend went to a small local village and I ended up pulling out my digital again. My Fuji X100 became the champ after dark and M6 had to sleep early

So I really hope both film and digital have to live on. More wish is Leica please move your production lines to somewhere else for lower cost so the M9 and some of your popular lenses can be more affordable

Oh update of my M6 cosmetically, I have de-badged the Leica and M6 wordings on the front see photos below. I tried electric tape but it doesn't look good, it is just too thick and the black color is too glossy not matching the black chrome finish of the M6 & leaving residue too. I bought this tape from one of my local stores. It is pre-cut, much thinner than electric tape and can be easily removed and re-tape again. The color matches perfectly and almost invisible now !

Everyone enjoy photo shooting no matter on digital or film !

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