Summarit 75 or 90mm: What's your take?

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Re: Summarit-M 75 mm or 90 mm: What's your take?

esophoria wrote:

I'm thinking of rounding out my M9 collection of lenses. I currently own both the Summarit-M 35 mm & 50 mm. I like them a lot ... [...] So, I'm wondering which longer lens do fellow Summarit-M owners use and how do they like it?

The Summarit-M 75 mm got a lot of praise here—and rightly so. It's an excellent lens. But then, so is the Summarit-M 90 mm. Do not try to make a buying decision based on optical quality. Instead, simply choose the focal length you want.

If you feel the difference between 35 and 50 mm is wide enough to warrant having them both then you will also like the 75 mm as an addition to your existing 50 mm lens. Still, to complement 35 and 50, I'd recommend 90 mm more. If you'd get a 75 mm then you may find yourself using only the 35 and the 75, rendering the 50 mm mostly obsolete ... which is not necessarily a bad thing, as a two-lens outfit is easier to carry and quicker to use than a three-lens outfilt. But the 90 mm would give you more reach and, together with your existing lenses, will cover more ground.

So my recommendation is, get the Summarit-M 90 mm ... not because it was better than the 75 mm but because it better suits your exisitng lenses. To see what a Summarit-M 90 mm can do in skilled hands, visit Thorsten Overgaard's Leica pages—his most-used lenses seem to be a Summicron-M 50 mm and the Summarit-M 90 mm:

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