Help Needed: Deciding between a D7000 and D700..Sorry about the double post.

Started Sep 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
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About lenses

great discussion in this thread!

anotherMike: as always great balanced commentary....

I just want to add that "what lens" is a big consideration and often a better way to parse "what body" I have been getting some paid work shooting real estate and finally picked up a 14-24. Well needless to say, I can't see not using this lens going forward - so D700 is it for now. It's just pretty much that simple for I need the 7-9 frame bracketing.

I had an early issue D7000. It really did have AF issues (I can show you files), but I am totally prepared to believe the guys here who are "good" with their respective D7000 cameras. I now think Nikon had some early run mfg. issues with the mirror box/AF internals precision.

I was playing around with a 5100 a few days ago (local camera shop) and thinking - "man this little body with all that dynamic range at ISO 100 (with the 14-24) would pull some serious landscape shots......" plus I still have my 16-85 and Sigma 8-16, both terrific lenses.

my credit card started vibrating in my pocket.....

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