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Re: But lenses are

rhlpetrus wrote:

About true. There are a couple of reasons why a larger dslr is still good to have: sports and portraits (weddings for example). You need the satility of a larger body for longer fast lenses and DoF for portraits.

True enough for the next year or two, but beyond that? I think sports will be driven by video -- whether it's soccor moms posting on Facebook or Sports Illustrated with it's major professional website -- which seems to rule out the moving-mirror DSLR. The sports camera of tomorrow may well be a video rig with a secondary still capability, and who knows what size chip it may use.

As to DOF, I think control of background blur will become a software function. I know the purists will object, but in the long we can have more control. Need to keep both eyes sharp and still kill the background? No prob. With ever higher ISO available there will be fewer photographers willing to pay for and carry super-fast lenses. The high frame rates and electronic shutters needed for video may make in-camera focus stacking a standard feature for even more control.

For landscape photography, for example, a D7000 at 16MP is about as good as a D3x, much smaller and much cheaper as well. The main problem is that there are no HQ WA primes for APS-C, same for m43.

True, as we both know. The lenses are not yet there. FWIW, this is one area where I expect the larger sensors to hold out longer, though not necessarily in a DSLR body. Optics and physics give the larger system an advantage in fine detail and landscape customers seem to like very large prints.


So, while sensor size at base ISO may be less of an issue now, great glass is still missing that would make smaller formats competitive for HQ shooting. Zeiss, Nikon and Canon still reserve their best efforts for FF lens lines.

For whatever reason the camera makers have been slow to produce dedicated professional grade lenses for APS and m4/3. (Olympus made some very fine lenses for 4/3 DSLRs, but IMO never got their camera bodies up to the level of the lenses. I expect/hope this will change dramatically in the next year or two, if Sony and Panasonic/Olympus begin to pressure the big two.

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Nice tag. I'm old enough to remember Murrow, though only vaguely.


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