Better sensor vs Better lens?

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not a reason not to buy the nex

there will be 4 primes from Sony before the end of the year
one excellent zoome (18-200mm) and 1 or 2 more premium zooms next year
plus sigma and tamron are coming out with lenses

I wouldn't go 4/3s for the lens range, thats a false economy

I would go 4/3s if you want a smaller package (lenses are smaller, particularly 14-150mm) and if you aren't bothered shooting above ISO 400 with pixel level quality

Ka_Sk wrote:

One says, M4/3 has better lenses
other says, Nex has better sensors.
Wouldn't Nex sensor combined with M4/3 lenses be the best?(dreaming)

My claim,

Yes you can put the best lens(maybe the 25mm f1.4 @$1000 or 12mm f2.0 @$800?) on the M4/3 camera to outperform the Nex with its kit lens.(maybe?)
But don't forget one can still put a $1000 24mm f1.8 on the Nex.

Is it easier for m4/3 to come up with a better sensor that is comparable to sony's?Or it is easier to produce more quality lenses for the Nex?
And I believe the latter is more preferable

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