Wedding photography help

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Wedding photography help


I was asked by a friend to take his wedding be the wedding photographer. He assumes because I can take great action shots (see below) that somehow I can function properly as his wedding photographer. I didn't have the heart to tell him he should find someone other than the local psychopath at the flying field if he gave a crap about his wedding photos.

Here is the good news:

I know how to operate my camera well in full manual mode.

I plan to shoot the photos using my gf1c with super takumar 135mm/55/35 these lenses shoot great photos and the quality is not an issue.

I do have some limited artistic ability.

Here is where I need your help:

My equipment will suffice and I have the skills to operate it but I don't know jack about how to compose a decent photo with people in it nor do I know jack about who to photograph and when..I know main people of course like bride/groom and the brides maids and groomsmen but at what part during the ceremony. Finally I need some ideas for setting up memorable compositions with the bride and groom together how can I help create a memorable and worthy photo that wouldn't otherwise exist or simply make it more special?

I know you guys must have some pointers.

Here is what I usually photograph.

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