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Re: Is the F200EXR as good as the X100?

CAcreeks wrote:

Is the F200EXR as good as the X100 at base ISO?

Never yet tried X100, may get the X10 tho so I cannot answer this question. Sorry

Just compared the ISO 100 studio images (with fabric, yarn and bottles) and would have to say the F200EXR is better.

I will check it out.

Obviously the X100 wins at high ISO.

Sorry to interrupt your thread Lilianna, but I didn't want to start a new thread on this topic. Just seems ironic that the F200EXR never gained a cult following like the F30/31.

Is ok, not sure why it did not. I suspect because the F70EXR came out around the same time. My 70 was awesome but I kept the 200 because in the end I like its 'draw' better. Other folks need/wanted the zoom range.
The OOC WB is far better on the 70.

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