Since when is purple blue?

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Marker wrote:

It's just disappointing to realize your high end gear has an Achilles heel.

I have never in my life seen any camera which could perfectly register all colours in AWB under any conditions, perhaps the Fuji is unique in that respect. Your images are taken in AWB, and in my opinion that's a compromise. My camera works well outdoors but not perfect. If I want perfect WB I set it manually. If I am too lazy I use AWB and sometimes correct at PP. Shoot raw and most of your problems will be solved.

The indoor images are shot in mixed light, flash + fluorescent (low energy) as it seems. That combo is not working at all very well; you must balance the colour temperature of the flash to the ambient light for best results. That's why there are colored filters which come with the flash.

I don't know why you have such problems with your well lit outdoor images; perhaps something is wrong with your camera. Mine is working well in that situation, even with blue and purple flowers.

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