RUMORED price of Nikon mirrorless

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re: only a week before we'll see

thomas2279f wrote:

Based on what is rumoured going to happen 2.7x Mirrorless I hope they realise their mistake and introduce a 1.5x line allowing DX and crop mirrorless 2.7x to be mounted.

Really surprise that taken Nikon so long to realise how large this camera sector is and is on 1st Generation of mirrorless compared to Nex 2nd and Olymp+Pany on 3rd.

some major event is announced for nikonians on Sep 21st,

Big loser who seem to over confident, complacent and not with it is Canon - wild rumours that they may bring out 3 different Sensor sizes in a Mirroress body, > 1.6x crop, 1.6x crop and 1.0x FF crop ???


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