Best micro four thirds camera ?

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Re: Ricky, it looks to me...

Ulfric M Douglas wrote:

osage_archer wrote:

And I'd think that shooting into the Sun, certainly qualifies as a bright light source set against a darker background! At least on Planet Earth....

Singing "La La La" with your fingers in your ears won't address the issue.

Bright light source against darker background at highish ISO is not the same as the sun in the sky ... by any stretch of the imagination.

The OP I was responding to said the problem occurs with a bright light source against a dark background.

The Sun is about 1,000,000 (one million) times brighter than the background of blue sky so I'd say that qualifies as bright against dark. I tried replicating his problem indoors, too with different light sources - could not do it .

So, La La La La La to you, too!

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