Since when is purple blue?

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Re: Since when is purple blue? Another example with green.

Marker wrote:

I don't have the time or patience to haul around and use a gray card, or color chart and preface every purple shot with a custom white balance. Even shooting in RAW I reserve for special occasions like wanting to get the most out of a critical landscape. Too much time and trouble in post processing.

I might have over corrected a bit in "hue", but probably not by much. Perhaps I could have been more dead on with a 20 point slide to the right rather than 25. But I've also noticed that greens are often recorded way to yellow with my gear and settings, and need a significant and similar nudge to get them right.

I had to do a LOT of post processing to the shot below in order to get realistic and vibrant green. Originally the greens were rendered as rather anemic weak and yellowish.

I have found that I spend less time post processing now that I shoot exclusively in RAW than I did when I shot JPEG. RAW files are just easier to post process, especially with regards to color corrections related to WB. It is also a good idea to always take a quick WB reference shot whenever you encounter different lighting (flash mixed with ambient lighting, or bouncing flash off of walls can be especially tricky), this only takes a second.

When you bring your RAW files back to your computer, you can just batch process them to JPEG and only take any real extra time with more important and/or problematic files by converting those to TIFF and opening them in Photoshop (some like to do all of their editing in NX or use a different photo editing program). Also, while it is good to have those WB reference shots, using Auto WB in the RAW converter often works better than using it in the camera.

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