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Re: Domke F-6 and F-3x advice needed // FrancoisduP

FrancoisduP wrote:

Jack Simpson wrote:

No problem and I do apologise for the delay in getting back to you with a
few suggestions:

Hi Francois,

No worries We are in different time zones in any case!

LowePro Exchange Messenger -- which I have:

I actually had this bag on my list before. And while Lowepro is sold by the dozens here, this one and the Terraclime was nowhere to be found to check out. A friend of mine said he saw the bag and was not too impressed with the built quiality and padding. But maybe you can shed some more light on it for me! Is this bag also decent with a good selection of primes? In other words, how do you pack yours? The price of this bag is just depends on durability and access as I mentioned before.

Your mate is correct about the lack of padding .... which is why I use mine for carrying my laptop (actually, used mine as I just lost my laptop :() and I would

use it for carrying my K-r and Tamron 18-250 with some extra padding on the bottom -- with the extra padding being dividers I borrowed from some of
my (way too many) other camera bags ;).

To be honest I dont need a laptop compartment. I prefer a bag that can be used for daily outings. You know, the bag you can grab and go to the city, unobtrusive and loaded with lets say 4 primes (including one on camera) or maybe 1 zoom (16-45) plus two primes.....or maybe a zoom, a flash and a prime or two.

LowePro Compuday Photo 150 --

Seems at least on the Lowepro website not to be able to carry much lenses? Side compartment for camera looks interesting though. Laptop compartment not needed

The reason I picked up the Compuday Photo 150, albeit when I had my laptop, was so I would have a bag similar to the Exchange Messenger but with more

padding and a section for my laptop But, mainly, it would allow me to carry my

camera gear and have it more protected. As for the actual "gear" section in the
Compuday Photo 150; yep it would hold my K-r w/ Tamron 18-250 Would I leave

my gear in the section, perhaps, only when going through security at an airport but, once through, out it comes and back around my neck :D. As for the other section(s) of the bag, there is plenty of room (IMHO and with dividers) for a body

and a small zoom, a few primes and as for a flash -- maybe in the actual camera gear section . And, as I have mentioned to (more than) a few customers, just

cuz it is meant to be for laptops .... doesn't necessarily mean it has to be used for laptops ;).

Domke F-5XB -- which I have had for over 10 years ..

Heard and read many good things about this Domke bag. It just seems so small for what I want to carry? Over here its also around 80 euro excl delivery.....and I read one or two posts of people claming the new Domke bags are not up to the standard of the old ones...mmm. So then I feel a bit cautious. In your mind, is it worth almost 3 times the Lowepro Exchange? has the velcro on the front. I presume one can patch those up to kill the noise

I was, to say the least, surprised how much stuff I could cram in this little

bag and still use relatively easily As for the build quality, if it's an original
Domke and not a "Chinese knock off" I would have any hesitancy it picking
one up and check the link for the "buyer beware/knock off" Domke bags:

I will keep you updated on my choice. If you think of other suggestions you are very welcome to do so. Mostly would love to hear your experience with the Lowepro Exchange bag for now

See above for my Exchange Messenger/Compuday 150 Photo bag stuff
and, FWIW, the reason I (originally) ordered the Exchange Messengers (for
the store where I work) was because I thought it looked similar to the Domke
Satchel bag mentioned by Brett. Also, I knew that wouldn't have the the same

build quality/durability of the Domke but at it's price ( YOWZA ) why not ....... also, I knew I would have to be more cautious/conscientious when using it ;).

And, the same rationale I used when ordering the Compuday 150 bag even though it has more padding the Exchange Messenger and a tad more durable and, again, ( YOWZA ) what a price :D. So, now all I have to do is to get a new laptop ;( and I will be back in action :). As for the Domke 831 Satchel bag, I really dislike that they don't show an interior shot but I can guess what it looks like.

Also, another thing (perhaps) worth looking at, should you (like me) go for a
less padded bag (Exchange Messenger and/or Compuday Photo 150) , is the
following Domke Insert:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ...????

Hope this helps a wee bit and DPR doesn't complain (too much) about the length
of this post



Thanks for all the suggestions!

PS...good luck with the Q...hehe...some outdoor pics would be great to see

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