Since when is purple blue?

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Re: white balance

stanginit wrote:

the auto wb is not perfect.

I'd state this more strongly. Auto WB sucks. It tries, and sometimes it works pretty well, and other times it fails miserably.

Here's what I would recommend:

1. Shoot raw.

2. import your raw images using Adobe RGB. It has a wide color gamut (which means it can represent a wide range of colors).

3. Set your white balance manually. For pure flash shots, the flash setting should work pretty well. If you're using other light sources, or a mixture of flash and other light sources, a custom white balance is a must. At the minimum, shoot one frame with a calibrated gray card and use that image to adjust the white balance in post-processing. If you're shooting in varying light (cloudy to sunny for example) then you should take a new shot of your gray card every time the light changes significantly.

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