Co-ordinating colors on monitor and Epson A800

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Re: Co-ordinating colors on monitor and Epson A800

As Bob P. mentioned, you need accurate color profiles, particularly for your printer. Be advised that there will be a different profile for each printer & paper combination. So, if you use 3 different types of paper, you'll need 3 different profiles, one for each paper type for your printer. Epson profiles are reported to be very good, so if you stick with Epson papers, you should be able to get high quality printer/paper profiles directly from Epson.

You didn't mention what software you print from, but the software has to be color management aware in order to color manage the printer. Adobe Photoshop & Photoshop Elements are two examples of applications that support color management. They allow you to apply the printer profile either directly in Photoshop or let Windows ICM apply the profile..

While an accurate monitor profile is necessary for critical work, I suspect that your problem is more related to improper printer color management than it is to poor monitor calibration.

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