Since when is purple blue?

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Marker wrote:

Yes, flash on both with white balance at default. However, I took your advice and changed the WB as you suggested and it warmed up the image, but the purple still came out as blue.

Just to mention, I experience the same problem when I shoot without flash, indoors or out.

Often I'll see much the same thing - blue not violet (purple?). And on any RGB sensor camera.

This could be due to the original "creation" of the color. From the visual aspect, violet can be formed in two ways: a mixture of red and blue, or a true color spectral line in the violet.

If the color has two lines (i.e. red and blue) the RGB sensor can usually reproduce this effectively. Many man-made dyes for clothing, etc., are mixes.

However, with a true violet line, the RGB sensor has only the blue pixels receiving (limited) information and the color is too blue.

Interestingly, the violet color in most flowers is a single violet line - and, many flying (pollinating) insects have vision the peaks in the violet-to-ultra-violet.


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