Since when is purple blue?

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Marker wrote:

In looking at these two shots, I think at least some of the colors are way off in the second shot. I've been using Windex for many years and I've never seen it that color.

The first shot is much closer to the Windex I've used.

However, I do think your white balance is off in the first shot. I assumed that the countertop is neutral and adjusted the image based on that. The Windex still looks believable but the bag became significantly more purple.

If you want to better understand what's going on here, I highly recommend reshooting that scene with a Whibal or other grey card in the frame. Be sure to shoot RAW so you can correct the WB nicely after the fact.

Bottom line: I think most of your problem is white balance but I'm certainly willing to believe there are some strange artifacts present generated by a combination of the flash spectrum and the funky materials and dyes used in the making of the purple plastic bag.

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