Colors - D200 vs D300s

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Re: Colors - D200 vs D300s

chadmarek wrote:

It has been a while since I sold my D200 (CCD) for a D300 (CMOS), then D300s (CMOS),

CMOS versus CCD has nothing to do with it. D2x/D2xs are CMOS, and those sensors are Nikon's best at discriminating colors.

but I seam to remember that the colors of the D200 were REALLY good, better than the D300s - not that I don't like the D300s' colors.

I'm not sure about the D300s colors, there appear to be some differences between it and the D300; but the D300 and the D200 are very close in discriminating colors (and Iliah Borg told me that the D300 was actually slightly better than the D200 for skin tones). Most of this comes down to the color profiles used, and Nikon changed from Image Optimization to Picture Control when they released the D300 and D3, and there was a backlash against that which culminated in D2X Mode Picture Control options being made available. You cannot get those D2X Mode Picture Controls for the D300s, but you can apply them in NX to NEF files.

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