epson 4900 turn off or leave on?

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Re: epson 4900 turn off or leave on?

DavidH202 wrote:

As I understand it,the head (nozzles) do not park on the capping station unless the machine is powered off !

The Epson Service Manual for the 48xx series printers (which does not include the 4900, but in this respect there is probably no difference) says the print head is capped any time it receives an INIT command. That includes the effect of holding down the "Pause" button for at least 3 seconds to cause an initialization. See page 104.

On page 123 it says this:

"Cap Assembly
When not printing, the Print Head (should) rest on the Cap Assembly to
ensure that the nozzles don't clog. Also, the Print Head is in the capped
position during ink charging, cleaning, and so on."

All of which indicates that as soon as the printer enters an idle condition, the print head is "capped". The only difference with a power down is whether the lock mechanism is engaged. Also note that while the instructions are not precisely clear, what the Service Manual says about powering down is to make sure that the head is indeed capped before removing power. That is, don't pull the plug unless the head is in fact capped.

The Epson 3880 Service Manual on the other hand specifically states that the heads are capped during standby. (Page 44.)

Personally I can see no reason at all to power down any Epson printer unless it is going to be physically moved.

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